Look, I still Design occasionally for fun!

I keep getting weird inspiration. I LOVE the design of the cd packaging for Panic at the Disco’s Pretty. Odd. The old style with hand drawn lettering and illustration is very in right now, but it looks really cool, I think. About a year ago, I had the same thought and made a font by tracing some cool characters from some fonts with interesting glyphs.

However, Handoodles v1.0 suffered a few fatal flaws:

  1. It was traced with too thick of a Sharpie
  2. The glyphs were created too small
  3. The font was not interesting enough

For v2.0 I fixed this. I worked LARGE, with 3 or four letters per page. I scanned them in at 600 dpi. Also, each letter was hand drawn, freehand. No tracing. Certainly, I borrowed elements from existing fonts and letterforms. I really just made it for my own enjoyment, but I thought it was so cool I wanted to show it off. So it is offered here, along with a few other fonts I designed last year.

Fancy Handoodles v2.0

Oh, the HATS!

As a graphic designer, it is said you have to wear many hats. You must be able, first and foremost, to design. This is obvious. But, really, what comes first is communication. You must be able to communicate with the client to find out what they want. You must be able to communicate with the end consumer through your design so it says what it needs to say. Aside from a knowledge of design and communication, you must know software and troubleshooting should anything go wrong. Being a photographer helps in many cases as well as does being a copywriter and a proofreader if you have someone else writing copy. Also knowing web-design and code is growing more and more essential. And your work will be varied, so you should not focus simply on logo design, typography or flash animation but be good at each and able to adapt to any changing client needs. Then, if you’re a freelancer, you need to be able to handle invoices, pre-press, billing, time-management…

In short, I just wanted to write this post for an excuse to post pictures of my hats. I was cleaning my closet out and realized that very few of them see the light of day anymore. When am I wearing a morning suit so I have occasion to break out the top hat? Easter, maybe. So, once a year. My fedoras? I rarely wear suits out since I work everyday and don’t want to foot the dry cleaning bill for spilling a mocha down the front of my tuxedo (true story). So, in all their glory, here they are.

(Sorry for the shameless lead and the immature show-and-tell nature of this post.)

I Won’t Bore You With The Details

Hit the link if you want to join me in making fun of myself 8 (yes, eight) years ago. My sixteen year old self spent too much time on AOL Instant Messenger and reading and filling out e-mail “self-survey” forwards. This one I found when I decided to plug in an old hard drive in the name of research. You can learn a bit about yourself by “seeing where you came from” even if it is in the form of brief, often sarcastic answers to inane questions made up by a (likely) bored sixteen year old.

Enjoy (or don’t).