How About Orange: Heart-shaped paper clips

How About Orange: Heart-shaped paper clips.

Jessica, this is a winner. Too bad I found it too late and don’t have anyone or any where which to use them. Nonetheless, cool idea. Filed in my “use it next year, Lord Willing” file.

Facebook celebrates 5th birthday | MacUser | Macworld

Happy Birthday, Facebook.

I’ve been a user since you were only for college and still called “The Facebook.”

I’m sorry I haven’t used you very much lately. I haven’t been a good friend and I understand. Still, you are a handy companion when I have time to kill or answers to find. Please stop becoming MySpace and continue to be a stalker’s best friend. I am in like with you.

Also, Happy early Valentine’s Day.



ps. I thought this was particularly flattering to be said of you. It also nicely sums up a belief I’ve widely held for a while:

MySpace is like the messy teenager’s room whereas Facebook is where people will find their mum, cousins and friends hanging out. It’s like a hub,” brand consultant Phil Edelin of Wolff Olins told BBC News. BBC