It’s time for TSO again

Yeah, it has finally reached the point in the year when I can listen to that guilty pleasure: Christmas music. And relatively guilt-free, i believe. iTunes tells me I have around 24 straight hours of uninterrupted, unrepeating Christmas music. I think that should last another 18 days…and I absolutely love the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Again, a guilty pleasure.

Right now, I am mildly un-motivated but have gotten an hour of work in so far. I am not very productive when the interwebs are right here, taunting me with their endless bounds of internetty goodness and pseudo-information. It was much more difficult to waste time before high-speed internet came my way. Hopefully it will do wonders for my productivity..

So, this just ended up being stream of consciousness, and I apologize. I need to make this look better, but that feels strangely like procrastination, so I really oughtn’t. Need to teach myself CSS as well. Haven’t coded since before FrontPage was big and that was all simple, simple basic html. The stuff you see in Community College Intro To the Interwebs classes. I think Dreamweaver only compounds the problem by making things seem simple.

Anyway; inspiration of the day comes from my cousin Bobby.