Small Guys

I’m not a large person. Not in stature nor in presence. So I overcompensate by being bawdy and by making “dress clothes” my normal attire.

The former is for shock value. The latter, attention. Much like dying my hair and collecting flair in high school.

The latter, however, is difficult for kids of my stature. My neck is a size smaller than the smallest dress shirts sold at JCPenny. Suit size? 2 smaller than the normally offered smallest size at almost ANY department store.

Years ago, I found refuge in Express for Men’s small 1MX shirts. They were great…until they did what women’s stores often do and make their smalls mediums and so on. So their smalls no longer fit me.

Then they made an XS. Like American Eagle before them…my day had come! Or so I thought…

[to be continued]

On Wendy, an Update

So the flat warranted a trip to Discount tire where I learned two things. Three really:

  1. driving on a flat can (and did) make a tire “unrepairable”
  2. when you buy a used tire (only $50!) they will fix your other rim leak for free
  3. if you schedule an appointment, you can be in and out in under an hour

Suffice to say, I was a happy camper. I was able to go to Frankenmuth and enjoy the debauchery which is Snowfest. And I use debauchery loosely. I really just mean to say it was fun.

However, all this exuberance was immediately juxtaposed by more car troubles. Now the brake pedal goes to the floor and barely slows the car. This made for unsafe driving to say the least. A few contacts were consulted and after checking the brake fluid level, I found that it was indeed low. So today, I shall trek to the mechanic to check for a possibly leaking brake line. Let’s hope that that’s all it is and that it isn’t expensive. Seriously.

Resolving Resolutely

Thanks to I have quantified my New Year’s Resolutions. Moslty, the biggies are to eat less, eat better, and lose the 3-4”/15-20# I somehow gained since last I checked. I really just want my pants to fit again. And also to be a better person. However, aside from changing my personality (which is possibly unnecessary and impossible) I am changing habits I have that I feel make me a bad person (maybe not bad persey, but not the best I CAN be). That’s where Joe came in. Check it out:

Nicolaus's Personal Score Badge

I weighted everything according to what I thought. Now, I need to modify those as the weeks progress (the harder ones will get more points, etc) and work on the areas that need improvement.

I had originally intended to blog every day with “What I have learned” or “What I have Accomplished” in the day preceding. This could get tedious, I realize..

Today I worked 8 hours, ironed 5 shirts and washed the dishes.

No! That would bore even me. Hence the chart. However, if anything is noteworthy to myself and I want to share, here it’ll be. Also, writing a blog post is worth 6 positive points. I really am trying to keep myself accountable for time too and not dick around so much and not drink alone so much and not eat so much when I am not hungry. And not sleep so much. I could be getting productive things done in that time. So, without further ado, I will go reward myself with a Bloody Mary and read from a book (I am forgoing the bar with my friends to save money, get enough sleep, and not waste time…I think I enjoy being a miser)

Good night, and Happy New Year!