I’ll admit, I hadn’t been crazy about Scrubs a few months ago. The episodes had gotten formulaic; like a bad (well, any) sports movie. All the characters would have a problem and it would be remarkably similar and there’d be a tri-panel shot of the three characters asking the same question. Then someone would resolve it for all of them in a really simple way. Repeat. Episode after episode after episode. Granted, a lot of shows follow similar patterns, but it seemed like the writers were getting REALLY lazy.

Season seven ended abruptly with no series finale worth talking about and I became displeased and unexcited with the whole idea of Scrubs. Word of an eighth season on ABC didn’t even make me curious. I was done.

Then I watched it. Wow. It was like they’d started the show over, with fresh jokes and ideas a;ll while keeping the feel of the show the same. It’s great! I think the problem might’ve been trying to cram too much into each episode. Take tonight for example; I noticed Turk was absent from the first episode and Karla from the second. This would never have happened last season! Perhaps, by trying to cram too many stories and interactions into one episode was what gave it the stale, monotonous feeling I perceived.

Now, in fact, it seems we’re exploring new relationships and old ones in new ways. JD and Eliot are apparently getting back together, but with all the growth they’ve experienced, it might finally work. At least, we’re led to believe this. And we hope so too. (gosh I sound like a woman with her “stories”).

ABC, or at least the writers, have given Scrubs a new lease on life. We all wish it the best. Thank you Zach Braff.