Resolving Resolutely

Thanks to I have quantified my New Year’s Resolutions. Moslty, the biggies are to eat less, eat better, and lose the 3-4”/15-20# I somehow gained since last I checked. I really just want my pants to fit again. And also to be a better person. However, aside from changing my personality (which is possibly unnecessary and impossible) I am changing habits I have that I feel make me a bad person (maybe not bad persey, but not the best I CAN be). That’s where Joe came in. Check it out:

Nicolaus's Personal Score Badge

I weighted everything according to what I thought. Now, I need to modify those as the weeks progress (the harder ones will get more points, etc) and work on the areas that need improvement.

I had originally intended to blog every day with “What I have learned” or “What I have Accomplished” in the day preceding. This could get tedious, I realize..

Today I worked 8 hours, ironed 5 shirts and washed the dishes.

No! That would bore even me. Hence the chart. However, if anything is noteworthy to myself and I want to share, here it’ll be. Also, writing a blog post is worth 6 positive points. I really am trying to keep myself accountable for time too and not dick around so much and not drink alone so much and not eat so much when I am not hungry. And not sleep so much. I could be getting productive things done in that time. So, without further ado, I will go reward myself with a Bloody Mary and read from a book (I am forgoing the bar with my friends to save money, get enough sleep, and not waste time…I think I enjoy being a miser)

Good night, and Happy New Year!