How to talk to a friend who’s been laid off | Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist

This is a GREAT article. It not only applies to the recently unemployed, but the recent college graduate. Not only have we the staggering unemployment rate to deal with, we are in constant battle with those that are already established career-minded individuals who’ve been recently given the axe. Who’s going to look more promising to the job recruiter? The fresh-out-of-college newbie or the worked-the-same-job-for-twenty-years seasoned pro? I’ll give you a hint: it probably isn’t the second one.

Complaining about how much things are crappy now aside, the comments on this post are spot-on. Everyone I know who recently graduated hates these questions (about the job hunt) as much as the recently unemployed and it’s just as discouraging to us when we’re asked if we “looked online at all?”

So I’ll add my comment, too: Thanks Penelope. It’s so true it hurts.

Degrees with the Highest ROI

Degrees with the Highest ROI.

THAT‘s the article I needed for my research! Why did I only find it today!? Blast.

Whether or not you choose these high-performing degree paths, your decision to get a college degree will pay deep dividends for years to come. According to the U.S. Department of Education’s Education Resources Information Center (ERIC), college degrees of all stripes offer double-digit increases in earning power. An associate’s degree delivers a 25 percent increase in expected lifetime earnings. And a bachelor’s degree offers a stunning 88 percent salary advantage over a high school diploma. With the bottom line at the forefront of everyone’s priorities, these dramatic returns are bound to speak louder than ever.

I added the bold for emphasis. I think that’s the confidence boost I needed. Now to just find that job. Starbucks doesn’t care that I have a degree after all.