My Tuxedo is Sad


Went to the symphony this weekend. Slightly more money than I thought, but dammit if it wasn’t a great excuse to break out my newest tuxedo.

I had to steal this photo from Mary for a few reasons:

  1. I neglected to bring my SD card with me today
  2. I haven’t uploaded the pictures from said card anywhere
  3. I wanted to post this at work and not later
  4. I am at work right now

The reason I never pulled the photos from this evening off my camera is two-fold: I meant to do it that night, but the power was out so I couldn’t use my desktop. I forgot to the next day.

I was excited about the symphony because they would have beer and I had a great excuse to break out this tuxedo I had yet not worn.

I hadn’t worn this newest one because for another list of reasons:

  1. It was purchased on Ebay but afterward I never had anything formal enough to warrant wearing it
  2. It is stylistically more classic than my pinstriped, notch-lapelled first tudexo (it features peak lapels and a double vent – my vent of choice)
  3. Said first tuxedo got more wear due to said non-classicality and the risk of damage being negligible
  4. Last time I tried it on, the pants were smaller than I remember them being

When deciding what to wear for the evening, this tux was pulled from the bowels of my closet. I went to try on the pants and realized that they did not go on all the way. The culprit: a safety-pinned note (holding the legs together thus making them impossible to separate) telling me to get the pants taken out. I pulled the note off and found that the pants fit perfectly again! I was ecstatic; my period of non-drinking has actually had an effect on my waist size in a positive way!

So I wore the tux and we had a great time at the symphony, making steak and pasta afterward and watching the Rocker (a veritable who’s who of television celebrities, I must add). ‘Twas raining when I left and visibility had decreased. It took a while to realize that the decreased visibility was also due to all the power being out within a mile radius of my house. It’s truly eerie to drive home in pitch darkness (I turned off my headlights for a moment to feel the full effect – it was neat). Arriving home, I parked in the muddiest spot, not realizing it was the muddiest spot due to the darkness like pitch that enveloped the night. Stepping out of my car, I must’ve hit a mud puddle or something. This morning, whilst brushing the dog hair off it, I discovered the interior of the pant legs caked with mud.

I’ve worn it once since my last  dry cleaning, and it’s a mess again.

It is a sad day for tuxedo wearers everywhere. Or maybe just for moi.

Oh, the HATS!

As a graphic designer, it is said you have to wear many hats. You must be able, first and foremost, to design. This is obvious. But, really, what comes first is communication. You must be able to communicate with the client to find out what they want. You must be able to communicate with the end consumer through your design so it says what it needs to say. Aside from a knowledge of design and communication, you must know software and troubleshooting should anything go wrong. Being a photographer helps in many cases as well as does being a copywriter and a proofreader if you have someone else writing copy. Also knowing web-design and code is growing more and more essential. And your work will be varied, so you should not focus simply on logo design, typography or flash animation but be good at each and able to adapt to any changing client needs. Then, if you’re a freelancer, you need to be able to handle invoices, pre-press, billing, time-management…

In short, I just wanted to write this post for an excuse to post pictures of my hats. I was cleaning my closet out and realized that very few of them see the light of day anymore. When am I wearing a morning suit so I have occasion to break out the top hat? Easter, maybe. So, once a year. My fedoras? I rarely wear suits out since I work everyday and don’t want to foot the dry cleaning bill for spilling a mocha down the front of my tuxedo (true story). So, in all their glory, here they are.

(Sorry for the shameless lead and the immature show-and-tell nature of this post.)