On New Toys

So I’m sitting on my bed with a little bit of a sore back and eye strain. Tinkering with tiny toys will cause that to happen to one. The tiny toy in question? The MSI Wind U120.


Obsessed with the diminutive size and monumental power of Drew and Brianna’s laptops compared to my own (they own a new EEE PC and Acer Aspire One, respectively. My laptop: a five-year-old Toshiba Satellite). Sure, ol’ Euripides and I had been through a lot. He was not only my first computer, he was the last to be named something ridiculous. I went through several total system and hard drive fails–the last occurring at a critical point in the semester, prompting me to purchase my 24” iMac–installed extra ram and even a wireless card when the technology became ubiquitous (at the time of purchase, i didn’t think I would ever need to be “unwired”).

I only had the idea to get a new computer sitting in the back of my head. For the better part of this calendar year actually. I had my toshiba for 5 years now, I knew it would eventually need replacing. Still, it continued to work and did everything I needed it to, so why splurge?

It wasn’t until I started weighing the pros and cons and doing my research that I discovered it would be beneficial:

  • My little sister, Tessa, often bogarts the family computer
  • It is tax season
  • My dad uses Turbo Tax
  • Fighting would ensue
  • I could give Tessa my old computer to prevent said fighting

That was the selfless justification. Selfishly, I’d been reading and watching videos, reading tutorials, and came to learn that iit would be fairly easy to install OS X on one of these netbooks. So I thought to myself, I enjoy tinkering and I enjoy a challenge. As a fun side project, I could try to make this little thing work perfectly. Couple that with excessive hours at work (meaning extra money that could go towards bills–no fun) and you have the formula for a new laptop.

So, after an anal retentive chart, I decided what to buy and came out with a $350 Wind with a 160GB HDD and 1 GB of RAM; this is 4 times the hard disk space my 5 year old laptop contained as well as 4 times as much RAM! For half the price! ZOMG!

I obsessively refreshed UPS.com yesterday whilst at work and rushed home at 5 p.m. to unbox (it arrived at 1:46)

Aside: had to move from my bed to my desk. Sitting typing at that angle was more than uncomfortable. It hurt.

After the exciting unbox, I set about the install. I did most of the grunt work in the week prior, while deciding exactly which computer I wanted and the experts’ opinions on the best way to get OS X on the machine.

Anybody read about this procedure before? There’s stuff all over the internet. At this point in the tutorial, however, they’ll usually say something like this:

Don’t steal. Piracy is wrong. Even though you’re using a modified version of OS X, you should buy a retail copy; support the hard workers and software engineers at Apple, Inc.

So, there, I said it too. And bought it.


So please don’t hate me!

Like I said, I did all the grunt work in the weeks immediately preceding the procedure. The night prior to the arrival of my babay, I took an hour and a half and installed the iso to my 8GB flash drive so I wouldn’t have to use an external USB DVD drive. Following a video tutorial almost to the letter, my install took just under 20 minutes. I must say, I was quite surprised. I guess that dvd spin speeds still aren’t up to match usb 2.0.

Anywho, I’ve got it up and running now, with minor caveats:

Photobooth doesn’t work.

Does anyone actually use this anymore anyway? It was cool when everyone first started getting macs and had never used a webcam before, but after the first month of having it on my iMac, it got really old. I mean, I’m narcissistic, but not that much.

Sound has a temporary malfunction.

It worked off the bat with a clean install, so I suspect I’ll figure it out eventually; I do enjoy me some trouble shooting. Hell, that’s half the reason I got this machine!

Headphone jack doesn’t work, nor does mic input.

On the other hand, I never used my old laptop for listening to music; that is for which I have 2 iPods, a discman, a home stereo, an iPhone and my iMac. I’ll live.

Size comparison. Nice.

So here he is. I’ve dubbed him Tadhg after an Irish chap I met. Not only does he have the most badass name, but pronounced (with an Irish accent, of course) it sounds like “tyke” which, informally on this side of the pond, is a small child. One only has to look at this photo to see from whence that was derived.

What Happens when your iPhone gets Stolen | Chris Pirillo

THIS would not have helped me. I got hopeful when I saw the headline. Upone reading it, however, I realize I should’ve called the cops. Wait, on what phone…

Actually, my first thought was “lock those bastards out of it!” So I used Karla’s phone to call AT&T to report it lost or stolen. (and I felt a little dumb…I didn’t know how to make a phone call without the iPhone. Well, to be honest, I didn’t know how to find out what number to call to get AT&T. No internets=I am stranded. Maybe I rely on technology too much?)

The thought of calling the cops came to me too, but I didn’t get my car stolen. I figured I would just get laughed at or told that it was my fault for leaving it sitting on the table. And on that, they might’ve been right.

Still, it sucked.