It recently came to my attention that my portfolio was yet again down. I probably ought to use something more stable than MediaFire to host it, eh? However, as my domain name is registered and hosted by Microsoft Small Business, I cannot access it from my mac (true? I have to check again) so until I come up with a better solution, this is my interim fix.


Small Guys [2]

[continuation of a previous post]

The XS size was perfect…save for the fact that every store assumes there aren’t any guys my size. Such assumptions lead the store to buy less of the small sizes, leaving poor little me with no recourse yet again. It was only a fluke that I even found the ONE XS shirt the Saginaw Express had for sale. However, it was white and $60. A colour I didn’t need and money I didn’t need to spend.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. A shopping trip to Troy to the Somerset Collection with one Mary Bader led me to their Express. Lo and Behold: the Box sale. Apparently, no one in Detroit is an XS either, but the store had not accounted for this and actually purchased a few. I walked out with 7 $20 dress shirts. Score.

Don’t Shop Tired or Always Keep Your Receipt

times Two
To think I almost posted this to Tumblr…though due to the slightly ranting nature of it, it didn’t seem to be a professional post…but I digress.

I have a new car. Her name is Kelly. Being a British car and having a British license plate holder on the front, I thought that I ought to accessorize, so I went online and researched the pricing for said plate. I ordered one with the engraving “BOWTIENICK” one late July night (the 14th for the record) and promptly fell asleep.

As I had planned to do this for a few days prior, when I awoke the next morning, I could not remember if I’d actually gone through with it or just dreamt it. To the computer I went! By jove! There was no record of the transaction in either my inbox or my deleted messages! And my debit card had not been charged! I must’ve dreamt it!

Fast forward a day or two. Slightly leery, I decided to wait for an e-mail shipping confirmation or for the charge to go through on my debit card. None.
“Hmmm,” I said to myself. “I must have only dreamed that I bought that plate. I shall now purchase one.”

And purchase it I did. A week or so later, it arrived on my doorstep and I installed it. Done and done.

But wait! Fast forward to today: I received a package in the mail in a shape that was not one fitting the description of anything I’d recently bought. What was in it, you may ask yourself…yep. It was the first plate, dated July 14 (Jiminy Cricket they took their sweet ass time!).

So, my lesson, good friend, is always print the receipt page. And don’t buy anything while you’re tired or otherwise distracted. I’ve wound up winning some odd things on eBay that way.

Facebook celebrates 5th birthday | MacUser | Macworld

Happy Birthday, Facebook.

I’ve been a user since you were only for college and still called “The Facebook.”

I’m sorry I haven’t used you very much lately. I haven’t been a good friend and I understand. Still, you are a handy companion when I have time to kill or answers to find. Please stop becoming MySpace and continue to be a stalker’s best friend. I am in like with you.

Also, Happy early Valentine’s Day.



ps. I thought this was particularly flattering to be said of you. It also nicely sums up a belief I’ve widely held for a while:

MySpace is like the messy teenager’s room whereas Facebook is where people will find their mum, cousins and friends hanging out. It’s like a hub,” brand consultant Phil Edelin of Wolff Olins told BBC News. BBC

Resolving Resolutely

Thanks to Joesgoals.com I have quantified my New Year’s Resolutions. Moslty, the biggies are to eat less, eat better, and lose the 3-4”/15-20# I somehow gained since last I checked. I really just want my pants to fit again. And also to be a better person. However, aside from changing my personality (which is possibly unnecessary and impossible) I am changing habits I have that I feel make me a bad person (maybe not bad persey, but not the best I CAN be). That’s where Joe came in. Check it out:

Nicolaus's Personal Score Badge

I weighted everything according to what I thought. Now, I need to modify those as the weeks progress (the harder ones will get more points, etc) and work on the areas that need improvement.

I had originally intended to blog every day with “What I have learned” or “What I have Accomplished” in the day preceding. This could get tedious, I realize..

Today I worked 8 hours, ironed 5 shirts and washed the dishes.

No! That would bore even me. Hence the chart. However, if anything is noteworthy to myself and I want to share, here it’ll be. Also, writing a blog post is worth 6 positive points. I really am trying to keep myself accountable for time too and not dick around so much and not drink alone so much and not eat so much when I am not hungry. And not sleep so much. I could be getting productive things done in that time. So, without further ado, I will go reward myself with a Bloody Mary and read from a book (I am forgoing the bar with my friends to save money, get enough sleep, and not waste time…I think I enjoy being a miser)

Good night, and Happy New Year!

Beginning to Despise Twitter Now, Too

Apparently there are 5 ways to use Twitter:

1) Follow friends and post your status, much like the Facebook status. But as a standalone app.

2) Follow a butt-load of people in a similar field/who have similar interests (ie. designers: Graphic Artists » Tweeters Directory » Just Tweet It) and the reply and re-tweet (RT) their posts.

3) Anonymously follow people you find interesting since you have no life of your own and reply (@reply) to and favorite their messages or never post anything of your own period.

4) Spam

5) Annoying YouTube/Digg/Forum-type trolls who get in bloody flame wars and re-tweet and respond to random garbage on the public timeline with hashed-keywords (#tcot)

This is what I’ve gathered in the month or so that I’ve been using Twitter. I was only made aware of the “hash subculture” (if you will) this morning when a gentleman (I use the term loosely) who added me but I did not know posted a Tweet with “#TCOT” attached to it. I know “@” and “d”, but not “#” and certainly not “#TCOT”. Research led me to despise it. I may one day use it and delete this post out of shame. But today, I snarl in disgust at yet another social network destroyed by use that is kind of lame.

It’s great to be such a cynic and hate everything that everyone else likes for that sole reason.

Ocarina Patapan

The other night I sat alone in my room for an hour and plugged away at trying to learn the flute part from Mannheim Steamroller’s “Patapan” on the iPhone Ocarina. I think I got pretty close.