Bad Technology: A Call for Revolution Against Beta Culture

Bad Technology: A Call for Revolution Against Beta Culture.

This article slipped through the RSS cracks a few months ago, but I think it’s a good read still. Will, unfortunately, probably be relevant for quite some time now.

I Won’t Bore You With The Details

Hit the link if you want to join me in making fun of myself 8 (yes, eight) years ago. My sixteen year old self spent too much time on AOL Instant Messenger and reading and filling out e-mail “self-survey” forwards. This one I found when I decided to plug in an old hard drive in the name of research. You can learn a bit about yourself by “seeing where you came from” even if it is in the form of brief, often sarcastic answers to inane questions made up by a (likely) bored sixteen year old.

Enjoy (or don’t).