Small Guys [2]

[continuation of a previous post]

The XS size was perfect…save for the fact that every store assumes there aren’t any guys my size. Such assumptions lead the store to buy less of the small sizes, leaving poor little me with no recourse yet again. It was only a fluke that I even found the ONE XS shirt the Saginaw Express had for sale. However, it was white and $60. A colour I didn’t need and money I didn’t need to spend.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. A shopping trip to Troy to the Somerset Collection with one Mary Bader led me to their Express. Lo and Behold: the Box sale. Apparently, no one in Detroit is an XS either, but the store had not accounted for this and actually purchased a few. I walked out with 7 $20 dress shirts. Score.

One thought on “Small Guys [2]

  1. Hey Nick,

    Just found your site and had to say that I love your writing voice. For some reason I didn’t realized you went to SVSU for graphic design. My sister is going through their GD program right now and is loving it.

    I went to download your portfolio and there was a weird error. I’d love to see your work.


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