Don’t Shop Tired or Always Keep Your Receipt

times Two
To think I almost posted this to Tumblr…though due to the slightly ranting nature of it, it didn’t seem to be a professional post…but I digress.

I have a new car. Her name is Kelly. Being a British car and having a British license plate holder on the front, I thought that I ought to accessorize, so I went online and researched the pricing for said plate. I ordered one with the engraving “BOWTIENICK” one late July night (the 14th for the record) and promptly fell asleep.

As I had planned to do this for a few days prior, when I awoke the next morning, I could not remember if I’d actually gone through with it or just dreamt it. To the computer I went! By jove! There was no record of the transaction in either my inbox or my deleted messages! And my debit card had not been charged! I must’ve dreamt it!

Fast forward a day or two. Slightly leery, I decided to wait for an e-mail shipping confirmation or for the charge to go through on my debit card. None.
“Hmmm,” I said to myself. “I must have only dreamed that I bought that plate. I shall now purchase one.”

And purchase it I did. A week or so later, it arrived on my doorstep and I installed it. Done and done.

But wait! Fast forward to today: I received a package in the mail in a shape that was not one fitting the description of anything I’d recently bought. What was in it, you may ask yourself…yep. It was the first plate, dated July 14 (Jiminy Cricket they took their sweet ass time!).

So, my lesson, good friend, is always print the receipt page. And don’t buy anything while you’re tired or otherwise distracted. I’ve wound up winning some odd things on eBay that way.

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