On Laziness


One of the most annoyingly pervasive trends I’ve found lately is the removal of the stigma that laziness once had. Rather than being frowned upon, it has now become so commonplace that it is the catchall excuse most commonly heard: “I was going to bring my laptop today but I was too lazy.” Too lazy to unplug it and put it in your backpack? This is a task which requires so little energy, you might actually add rather than burn calories doing it. I know that television and YouTube have destroyed our culture’s collective attention span, but this is just ludicrous.

It truly serves as a measure of the inherent laziness developing in our society. Barring the fact that sloth is one of the 7 deadly sins, it’s become so ingrained in our daily lives that one often doesn’t realize its pervasiveness. It’s become one of those phrases that has almost become a slang; we hear it so often that we will sometimes say it ourselves just because it’s so frequently uttered by others. Like poor grammar. I’ve even stopped myself on several occasions from using it.

So, here is my charge to you: PAY ATTENTION. I trust you will once or twice catch yourself saying that you didn’t do something or do not want to do something because you are “too lazy.” When this happens, take a moment to ask tyourself if you really are too lazy to do this? What is the real reason you choose not to accomplish this diminutive feat? I bet that by really thinking about it, you will have no good excuse. Then, perhaps you will actually do it, realizing that it was not that hard to begin with. Please make an effort; I implore you. For the good of yourself and society, stop making excuses and get off your lazy arse.

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