Should Gender Equality Extend to Drinking?

Should Gender Equality Extend to Drinking? — New York Magazine.

Kind of interesting look at drinking and how it relates to gender equality. Also give an interesting perspective on the American culture of drinking as well. I wish I could write like this.


One thought on “Should Gender Equality Extend to Drinking?

  1. Very interesting, now that I’ve actually had a chance to read it. I hadn’t considered the bit about alcohol being marketed to women, and I think it was more effective than they planned. I don’t see commercials for wine coolers lately and Zima isn’t even made anymore. Ladies have gone full-on to the dark side.

    From my own experience: I did hang out with a lot of boys when I started drinking regularly, and I did try to keep up (usually I was successful). I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy, though, so keeping up on drinking was the next logical step after keeping up on basketball and keeping up on video games.

    Still, it seems like women have a lot more at stake when it comes to drinking, especially now that I know we are more likely to become addicted. Socially, drunken maniacal behavior is a lot more acceptable amongst the fellas, so there’s whole reputation angle, too.

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