Degrees with the Highest ROI

Degrees with the Highest ROI.

THAT‘s the article I needed for my research! Why did I only find it today!? Blast.

Whether or not you choose these high-performing degree paths, your decision to get a college degree will pay deep dividends for years to come. According to the U.S. Department of Education’s Education Resources Information Center (ERIC), college degrees of all stripes offer double-digit increases in earning power. An associate’s degree delivers a 25 percent increase in expected lifetime earnings. And a bachelor’s degree offers a stunning 88 percent salary advantage over a high school diploma. With the bottom line at the forefront of everyone’s priorities, these dramatic returns are bound to speak louder than ever.

I added the bold for emphasis. I think that’s the confidence boost I needed. Now to just find that job. Starbucks doesn’t care that I have a degree after all.


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