That Show With The Millionaire

After Snowfest on Saturday, I had the opportunity to see Slumdog Millionaire. By “had the opportunity” I mean my friend invited me and I suggested other movies to see. However, being a gentleman, I relented and went with her to see the movie she wanted (that and I didn’t truly feel all that strongly about any movies presently out).

So went we did. And pleasantly surprised was I. Having no expectations nor even an inkling as to what it was about (that awful game show with Regis?) I enjoyed it a LOT. I mean, A LOT. I can’t really say much more than has already been said. The movie was nominated for, like, 300 awards, so that says a lot. I am normally cynical about awards, but this year seemed spot on. Heath deserved them. Slumdog deserved them.

I will admit that I am no Brian Letdke. If you want to know what the movie was about, read a review. Or go to the movie spoiler. I left the theatre a little tired after a long day and reading the entire synopsis helped me put some pieces together that I’d missed the first time through.

So, in short, it was a great movie and certainly well worth the $9. Go check it out.


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