Hivelogic – Regarding The Personal Web

“You’ve got to be everywhere to be somewhere” is a rather poignant thought. It might even be a good response to a question I recently was asked on my Facebook wall in regards to the plethora of websites I have linked to (here, TumblrTwitterVIRB). Why do I have so many? Couldn’t they all be consolidated into one. Dan Benjamin seems to think not, and makes the point much better than I could. Especially with my lack 0f blogging background/expertise.

Hivelogic – Regarding The Personal Web.


One thought on “Hivelogic – Regarding The Personal Web

  1. I guess I was thinking of Twitter purely as another form of social networking and not from the standpoint of a writer. I’m going to think about all this, and form some sort of coherent response later when I’m out of my pajamas.

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