Wendy Hates Me

I am quite certain that my car hates me.

I’ve given her no reason for this hatred:

  1. I gave her a name
  2. I washed her regularly in her first few years
  3. She never has less than half a tank of gas
  4. Her oil changes are never late
  5. I do not let dirty snow build up in the wheel wells
  6. I keep her clean and always tidy for guests
  7. She smells nice

Still, time after time, she has betrayed me. Less than a year after I got her, the front passenger tire was flat. This happened one morning before I had to leave for class. Thinking the problem wasn’t as sever as it was, I opted to drive her to the corner gas station for some air. In the block I took to get there, the tire had become detached from the rim and I was driving on said rim.

Being naive, I called a tow truck instead of jacking her and putting on the spare.

Some $700 or $900 later, Goodyear gave me a new set of tires plus a shit load of other stuff that I’m sure didn’t really need to be done. Still, for my first car, I figured it couldn’t hurt to baby her. Plus, I got a free tire rotation every 3 oil changes I got there. Sweet deal, right?

Well, every time I wanted to simply change the oil, they found a dozen other things that needed doing. I think I ended up getting 2 rotations from them before I was fed up with the high-pressure and went back to Penzoil.

Fast-forward to now. My baby gets used once a week. I decided it was better for both me, my wallet and the environment if I walk to work. No more driving 2 blocks twice a day. No point, I said.

Perhaps she’s getting back at me for lack of use. Maybe it’s the cold, I don’t know. What I do know, is that that same tire keeps going low. Disproportionate to the amount I drive it. But it’s not the same tire, since it’s been rotated several times. It’s just the same position. I can’t explain that. Maybe it has been rotated 4 times and now it’s that same tire haunting me. Why, then, does it only give me grief in this position.

All the same, the air should last a week ish. When I (rather, my father, with his trusty air compressor) filled it Saturday, I figured I’d be good for a while. Thinking nothing of it, I drove less than 2 miles to a friend’s house and parked it in the street for four hours. Not thinking anything could be wrong, I began the drive home.

Less than a block had passed when I noticed that the passenger side was thunking. And my 2,000+ RPMS weren’t getting me faster than 20MPH. I knew this meant low tire. I pulled into the gas station on the corner to fill it up.


It’s off the flipping rim. No filling that beast. A quick call back to the friends and the three of us changed to the spare in <10 minutes and they followed me home to make sure this tire wouldn’t betray me too.

So, now I’m stuck at home. Not like I ever really go anywhere, or use my car to go to work. But it’s a crappy feeling. And I have a donut sitting on that wheel, waiting to be driven 15 minutes to Bay Rd for Discount Tire. I’m not looking forward to that.

Thank God I’ve got some money saved up for just such an occasion.

Is it prudent to give up and buy a new car?



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