How to Friend Mom, Dad, and the Boss on Facebook…Safely – ReadWriteWeb

I feel like I had an issue with this a few weeks ago. Nice Piece of advice, though it’s not even new news still.

My favourite quote:

The fact is, everyone has a personal life and it shouldn’t matter who sees it

And you really can’t argue with that logic. If you are out being ridiculous, you could end up running into your boss/mother/priest anyway. Facebook may make it simpler for said people to find out about your revelry, but if you’re reveling in what life has to offer, they can catch you offline too. This is just something we need to accept and get used to.

How to Friend Mom, Dad, and the Boss on Facebook…Safely – ReadWriteWeb.

Look, I still Design occasionally for fun!

I keep getting weird inspiration. I LOVE the design of the cd packaging for Panic at the Disco’s Pretty. Odd. The old style with hand drawn lettering and illustration is very in right now, but it looks really cool, I think. About a year ago, I had the same thought and made a font by tracing some cool characters from some fonts with interesting glyphs.

However, Handoodles v1.0 suffered a few fatal flaws:

  1. It was traced with too thick of a Sharpie
  2. The glyphs were created too small
  3. The font was not interesting enough

For v2.0 I fixed this. I worked LARGE, with 3 or four letters per page. I scanned them in at 600 dpi. Also, each letter was hand drawn, freehand. No tracing. Certainly, I borrowed elements from existing fonts and letterforms. I really just made it for my own enjoyment, but I thought it was so cool I wanted to show it off. So it is offered here, along with a few other fonts I designed last year.

Fancy Handoodles v2.0

One month in.

It seems I again find myself in the proverbial “day late, dollar short” dilemma. Certainly, by following my budget, I have not truly been short on dollars, but my topic, though planned weeks in advance, is coming a bit after many similar articles. Still, it helps me to be personally introspective. If anyone happens to read this, I will ask you to do the same. How many Resolutions have we made? How many did we intend to keep? How many have we actually made progress on and/or stuck with thus far?

I’m having a harder time writing this than I thought I would. It may be because I don’t want to air resolutions for the world to see. They’re mine. My “demons” if you will. I cannot keep this concise without simply naming them off in succession, but I shall do my very best. I don’t want this to get too personal…

I’ve been keeping to them fairly well thus far. Sure, there are days I falter, but I’ve tried to balance that with doing positive things; ie. every time I break a resolution (or do something that deters me from achieving a long-term goal) I will write a blog entry or apply for a job or something else positive. It’s not a 1:1 ratio either; using (mentioned previously) has allowed me to give more weight to more difficult achievements. A vague example being that easy things to accomplish/avoid get lower points and vice versa, so in order to make up for breaking a big one, I have to do something positive that takes a certain dedication of time and energy or a lot of small good things. Does that make sense? I feel like if you look at the sample on the site, it kind of explains itself.

So far, this method has been working for me. It is more of a daily checklist (and I do love my lists) than a few large goals (for example, losing 50 pounds – not a goal of mine) so I’m not sure how much it works as a resolution tracker. Perhaps I’ll call the site itself my resolution. Like “I resolve to use Joe’s goals daily.” I should probably even say “I need to have a score of +25 every month at least, with that value increasing by 5 each month.” That seems like a S.M. A. R. T. goal.

The main point of this entry was two-fold: (1) to take an introspective look at how I’ve been doing to hold myself accountable and actually do a self-assessment, (2) discuss a thought I had regarding vices, and (3) write a blog entry.
(ok, so that’s three. bah!)

So, on vices:

It’s a tough thing to do, giving up vices/habits. I myself can attest to that. It is difficult no to fall back into them. The fact that they’ve become habits attests to their strong power over us. But there must be a reason we wished to change these aspects of our personality last December 31. We realised that these were vices and without giving them up, we could not achieve the positive change we desire.

Though all this has been stated ad nauseum in other forms and places, I had a different thought the other week. Sometimes, is it possible that not giving up our vices, our flaws, our shortcomings, and instead embracing them can better us as people? What I mean to say is this;by recognising that which we wish to change when (or shortly after) we’ve faltered yet again, can we strengthen our resolve for next time? Can we discover the catalyst and replace the vice with something similar that is less negative?

Likewise, by recognizing said catalyst, can we find better alternatives to the vice? Instead of trying to change out bad habits, can we change the thing that makes us want to fall back into these habits? Can we go for a jog instead of watching tv and then drinking? Chew gum instead of smoking while driving? Go to a movie instead of the bar?

With a new day comes new resolve that is expent by evening. Why is that? The hangover reminds you that you shouldn’t rink so much, but in the heat of the moment, you remember why you suffer the hangover (extra weight, wheezing while jogging, etc.): you enjoy the vice. The habit is such because you enjoy it.

Now the question is, do you want the alternative enough to give up the bad habits to attain the end result?

I know not all of these ideas are novel in even the least, but they got me really thinking. I think a lot in the shower for some reason. Good place to zone. Really, I should have a pen and paper (or something..) in there sometimes. But back on track, personally, I am trying to make some better habits. One month in seems like a good time to take a cold hard look at this and maybe take a few more steps toward building a better you.

That Show With The Millionaire

After Snowfest on Saturday, I had the opportunity to see Slumdog Millionaire. By “had the opportunity” I mean my friend invited me and I suggested other movies to see. However, being a gentleman, I relented and went with her to see the movie she wanted (that and I didn’t truly feel all that strongly about any movies presently out).

So went we did. And pleasantly surprised was I. Having no expectations nor even an inkling as to what it was about (that awful game show with Regis?) I enjoyed it a LOT. I mean, A LOT. I can’t really say much more than has already been said. The movie was nominated for, like, 300 awards, so that says a lot. I am normally cynical about awards, but this year seemed spot on. Heath deserved them. Slumdog deserved them.

I will admit that I am no Brian Letdke. If you want to know what the movie was about, read a review. Or go to the movie spoiler. I left the theatre a little tired after a long day and reading the entire synopsis helped me put some pieces together that I’d missed the first time through.

So, in short, it was a great movie and certainly well worth the $9. Go check it out.

Who needs skills? We have software

I’ve found more and more that there are tutorial sites that seem to be beneficial, but really, what’s the difference between that and a Paint-By-number book. Sure, you’re still the one painting the image (“creating” the piece of art) but you are not only simply colouring where they said to, you’re displaying NO creativity whatsoever. Even in a colouring book you have the option to colour it what you choose. Tutorials can be a great way to learn how to achieve an effect or use a tool, but replicating a pre-made piece of art should not be the end desire. Learning and growing should.

Just Creative Design – Who needs skills? We have software

On Wendy, an Update

So the flat warranted a trip to Discount tire where I learned two things. Three really:

  1. driving on a flat can (and did) make a tire “unrepairable”
  2. when you buy a used tire (only $50!) they will fix your other rim leak for free
  3. if you schedule an appointment, you can be in and out in under an hour

Suffice to say, I was a happy camper. I was able to go to Frankenmuth and enjoy the debauchery which is Snowfest. And I use debauchery loosely. I really just mean to say it was fun.

However, all this exuberance was immediately juxtaposed by more car troubles. Now the brake pedal goes to the floor and barely slows the car. This made for unsafe driving to say the least. A few contacts were consulted and after checking the brake fluid level, I found that it was indeed low. So today, I shall trek to the mechanic to check for a possibly leaking brake line. Let’s hope that that’s all it is and that it isn’t expensive. Seriously.

Forlorn and half-bearded

If I had a nickel for every time Trent looked this way, and I worked with him every day, and if he always matched clothes with anna and I with rick, and tom were to leave the state and run away with the traveling circus while leaving valerie in charge, I would have a long string of hypotheticals, wouldn’t I? I’d probably also win a run-on sentence award, if such a thing were to exist. Which it doesn’t.

Hivelogic – Regarding The Personal Web

“You’ve got to be everywhere to be somewhere” is a rather poignant thought. It might even be a good response to a question I recently was asked on my Facebook wall in regards to the plethora of websites I have linked to (here, TumblrTwitterVIRB). Why do I have so many? Couldn’t they all be consolidated into one. Dan Benjamin seems to think not, and makes the point much better than I could. Especially with my lack 0f blogging background/expertise.

Hivelogic – Regarding The Personal Web.

Some Wallpaper Designs

So, I’ll say it; I’m a sucker for freebies. There are some incredible, high quality wallpapers and vector illustrations and fonts out there. I’ve downloaded quite a few and even used them in both my artwork and as inspiration.

The latter is what I’m getting at today. Though they are amazing and of incredible quality, I feel guilty using someone else’s work on my desktop or in my projects. After all, I’m and artist too, aren’t I? And as such, I should use my creativity to create something that brings me joy.

So I did.

And now, I share with you. I’ve scaled the original 1920×1200 Widescreen images to the 4 most common desktop monitor resolutions. You, of course, are more than welcome to scale them as you see fit. Just follow that whole Creative Commons thing and don’t sell them. Or, if you do, let me know so I, too, can reap the benefits of the money. We all like money 🙂

There are six so far. I’ll probably add more as I create more.