Beginning to Despise Twitter Now, Too

Apparently there are 5 ways to use Twitter:

1) Follow friends and post your status, much like the Facebook status. But as a standalone app.

2) Follow a butt-load of people in a similar field/who have similar interests (ie. designers: Graphic Artists » Tweeters Directory » Just Tweet It) and the reply and re-tweet (RT) their posts.

3) Anonymously follow people you find interesting since you have no life of your own and reply (@reply) to and favorite their messages or never post anything of your own period.

4) Spam

5) Annoying YouTube/Digg/Forum-type trolls who get in bloody flame wars and re-tweet and respond to random garbage on the public timeline with hashed-keywords (#tcot)

This is what I’ve gathered in the month or so that I’ve been using Twitter. I was only made aware of the “hash subculture” (if you will) this morning when a gentleman (I use the term loosely) who added me but I did not know posted a Tweet with “#TCOT” attached to it. I know “@” and “d”, but not “#” and certainly not “#TCOT”. Research led me to despise it. I may one day use it and delete this post out of shame. But today, I snarl in disgust at yet another social network destroyed by use that is kind of lame.

It’s great to be such a cynic and hate everything that everyone else likes for that sole reason.


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