Beginning to Despise Twitter Now, Too

Apparently there are 5 ways to use Twitter:

1) Follow friends and post your status, much like the Facebook status. But as a standalone app.

2) Follow a butt-load of people in a similar field/who have similar interests (ie. designers: Graphic Artists » Tweeters Directory » Just Tweet It) and the reply and re-tweet (RT) their posts.

3) Anonymously follow people you find interesting since you have no life of your own and reply (@reply) to and favorite their messages or never post anything of your own period.

4) Spam

5) Annoying YouTube/Digg/Forum-type trolls who get in bloody flame wars and re-tweet and respond to random garbage on the public timeline with hashed-keywords (#tcot)

This is what I’ve gathered in the month or so that I’ve been using Twitter. I was only made aware of the “hash subculture” (if you will) this morning when a gentleman (I use the term loosely) who added me but I did not know posted a Tweet with “#TCOT” attached to it. I know “@” and “d”, but not “#” and certainly not “#TCOT”. Research led me to despise it. I may one day use it and delete this post out of shame. But today, I snarl in disgust at yet another social network destroyed by use that is kind of lame.

It’s great to be such a cynic and hate everything that everyone else likes for that sole reason.

It’s time for TSO again

Yeah, it has finally reached the point in the year when I can listen to that guilty pleasure: Christmas music. And relatively guilt-free, i believe. iTunes tells me I have around 24 straight hours of uninterrupted, unrepeating Christmas music. I think that should last another 18 days…and I absolutely love the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Again, a guilty pleasure.

Right now, I am mildly un-motivated but have gotten an hour of work in so far. I am not very productive when the interwebs are right here, taunting me with their endless bounds of internetty goodness and pseudo-information. It was much more difficult to waste time before high-speed internet came my way. Hopefully it will do wonders for my productivity..

So, this just ended up being stream of consciousness, and I apologize. I need to make this look better, but that feels strangely like procrastination, so I really oughtn’t. Need to teach myself CSS as well. Haven’t coded since before FrontPage was big and that was all simple, simple basic html. The stuff you see in Community College Intro To the Interwebs classes. I think Dreamweaver only compounds the problem by making things seem simple.

Anyway; inspiration of the day comes from my cousin Bobby.

Ocarina Patapan

The other night I sat alone in my room for an hour and plugged away at trying to learn the flute part from Mannheim Steamroller’s “Patapan” on the iPhone Ocarina. I think I got pretty close.

Real Advice Hurts | 43 Folders

Real Advice Hurts
Merlin Mann | Dec 3 2008

In the wonderful Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott talks about the incredible, ripping pain she felt after having her tonsils removed. All she wanted to do was chug pain killers and let the stupid thing heal, but, Anne’s doctor gave her some advice that she found as unbelievable as it was painful: he told her to chew some gum. Turns out that, as with a lot of injuries, the entirely sensible impulse to protect and baby a wounded area was the opposite of what Anne actually needed in order to fix the problem. So, by enduring the excruciating pain of chewing gum for just a few minutes, the muscles in her throat suddenly unclenched…

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